Dog Walks

A Muddy Paws Bath Walker will collect your Dog from home and transport them to a secure location for walking.  They’ll be supervised and have access to water at all times.   This can be a supervised handover or we can hold a key by prior arrangement.  They’ll be walked, cleaned up (if they get muddy) and returned home and settled back with fresh water.  They will be left with a Muddy Paws Doggy Diary outlining when they were picked up and dropped, where they walked and how they got on.

Prices – Group Dog Walk

  • 60 minutes – £12 per Dog
  • 30 minutes – £9 per Dog

Prices – Solo Walk

  • 60 minutes – £15 per walk
  • 30 minutes – £11 per wal

General Pet Visits

We will visit your Cat or small pet, let them out to go to the toilet (or clean up if they’ve done it already!), feed them, and give them some playtime and a cuddle.  Each visit will last a minimum 20 minutes


  • 1 visit – £10

First Aid for Cats & Dogs

First Aid for Cats & Dogs The following is not intended as an exhaustive guide and certainly doesn’t constitute professional medical advice BUT it should provide some handy tips to head off and deal with any problems your beloved furry friend might have. The... read more

The Law and Your Pooch

The Law and Your Pooch At Muddy Paws Bath we’re big advocates of the fun aspects of owning a pet and the joy they bring to our homes and families.  But – whether you own animals or care for them – all this joy and happiness comes with responsibility.  The... read more