Our Mission

Muddy Paws Bath are the pet happiness people.  Your pet is at their best, loving life, and bringing the most joy to you and your family when they’re happy, healthy, well exercised and relaxed.   We’re here when you can’t be and when they’re with us we’ll care for them like they’re our own.

How it Starts

Your pet is an individual with needs, wants, behaviours and traits that differ from other animals.  We start our relationship by spending time with you and them on an Initial Consultation.   We’ll ask questions, record the answers, and all the while think about the best care and walk plan for them.

This session will cover their behaviour with humans and animals, challenging aspects to their temperament and their preferences for care, play, walking and relaxing.  We’ll cover their medical history and ensure that we know everything we need to in order to keep your pet happy and safe.  We may ask for evidence of appropriate vaccinations and treatment. We record everything we’ve learnt on a Dog Walking or Pet Visit Contract.

Our Responsibility

When your pet is with us they’re our responsibility and we take that very seriously.  We’ll ask you to read through and sign a Vet Release Form giving us the authority to request emergency care if required.  This is something that would only happen in a worst case scenario but your pet is important and we want to care for it as best we can.

Transport & Safety

The Muddy Paws van is full insured to carry and transport animals.  We made a decision to invest in the best quality caging to transport our furry clients in safety.  Our van has been professionally fitted with extensively tested and proven individual dog safety cages.  They are tough, robust, with escape doors and lockable front doors.  Each dog gets an individual space and you get the knowledge that they’re safe in transit with us.

Key Holding Policy

Our walkers are DBS checked (Police checked) so we are happy to offer a Key Holdingservice.  Keys are held securely at a central location and moved to a secure locker in our van when needed.  They are tagged by number which is cross-referenced with your pet’s name.  No paperwork is held which connects your key to your address.

Reporting Back to You

We use a Pet Visit Diary and a Dog Walking Diary to record every walk and visit.  This is for you so you know how your pet’s doing, and for us so we are better able to tailor our service and care to your pets needs.  We can leave this with you in your home or send you a copy.  We’ll also send you a text to let you know that all is well.  Some of our Pet Visit clients like to receive an update with a picture of their furry family member if they’re away on holiday.  Whatever you need, just ask!


We ensure our walkers and staff are trained to look after your animals.  We use the Compass Education Dog Walking Diploma which covers all aspects of Dog Law, Behaviour and Physiology.  You can find out more about the Diploma here.


Our walkers are fully insured to care for and transport animals.  We also carry the full range of insurances to cover the work we do in public spaces.

Client Referrals

The vast majority of new clients come by way of a referral from an existing client.  To encourage this, we offer a free Dog Walk or Pet Visit for every successful referral made.  If they doesn’t have a furry family member we say thank you with a £10 Marks and Spencer Voucher!  If you would like to make a referral, email us at claire@muddypawsbath.co.uk.


Please see below for our main forms and documents to download.  If you have any questions email us on Claire@muddypawsbath.co.uk.

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