Safety First at Muddy Paws Bath

At Muddy Paws Bath we take the safety of our furry clients very seriously.  We want to give you back a happy and tired dog at the end of a Muddy Paws Bath walk and a big part of that is keeping them safe in transit.

Muddy Paws Bath vans have bespoke and integral safety cages.  After extensive research we found Moonfrost Crates & Cages near Salisbury who specialise in custom made high quality cages for vehicles transporting animals.


Kevin likes to take a hands on approach to his work!

As well as running Moonfrost Kevin and Georgina Aiston breed and race Alaskan Malamutes.  They take their dogs all over the UK and Northern Europe to race so they know more than most about transporting dogs safely and comfortably. We got to meet some of the dogs and we can confirm that they are lovely!

We asked for and were delivered a design that ensures we can transport a mix of dog sizes in safety and comfort.  We have a large caged space behind the driver and passenger that can accommodate 2 large dogs (which we only use if the dogs live together).  The majority of the rear space is taken up with 2 Large Cages with 2 Small on top.  The 2mm mesh safety caging is integral to the vehicles structure so it doesn’t move and it’s very strong.  In safety tests it has been shown that the caging fares MUCH better than the surrounding van in an accident.

Each cage has a compression lock, escape door and vet bedding.

Each cage has a compression lock, escape door and vet bedding.

Each cage comes with a Compression Lock and a Detent Hinge allowing the door to be held open safely while the walker helps your dog into the cage.  Each cage also features an escape door to help the dog out if the locks or primary doors become damaged.

We’ve fitted out each cage with a non-spill bowl so the dog is never thirsty and each has Vet Bedding to ensure a comfortable ride!  Under the bedding is rubber mat flooring to ensure we can clean it regularly and easily to keep the environment as pleasant as possible for your furry friend.

If you’d like to find out more about how we transport our furry clients safely and comfortably email  If you’d like to find out more about Moonfrost go