The Law and Your Pooch

At Muddy Paws Bath we’re big advocates of the fun aspects of owning a pet and the joy they bring to our homes and families.  But – whether you own animals or care for them – all this joy and happiness comes with responsibility.  The imposes certain responsibilities on dog owners for the good of other people, other animals and the public peace.


Keeping them under control

It’s against law to let a dog become out of control such that it presents a danger to others.  This does not just apply to public spaces.  It even applies to your dog when in a private space (a friends’ home or a neighbours’ garden) and in your own house.  The lesson here is that wherever you are you must have your dog under control.  The law applies to all dogs; not just banned or “dangerous” dogs.

It would normally be considered that your dog to be out of control if the following were true:

  • Your dog injures someone
  • Your dogs’ behaviour causes someone to worry that they might be attacked by them

The court has further powers to define what might constitute your dog being out of control:

  • If your dog attacks another animal.
  • If the owner of another animals feels they might be attacked if they tried to prevent or stop your dog from attacking their animal.

Under law Farmers have the right to shoot a dog they feel is a danger to their livestock.  The court has the power to set an unlimited fine or impose a prison sentence of 6 months.  You may also not be allowed to keep dogs in the future.

Walking in public spaces

You should also be aware of whether your favourite walking spot is subject to a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).  These used to be called Dog Control orders.  In areas subject to PSPO’s you may be required to:

  • Keep your dog on a lead
  • Prevent your dog from going into certain parts of the area
  • Limit the amount of dogs you are walking
  • Clear up after your dog.

Fines for non compliance can be up to £1,000 if you end up in court.  Even if you’re not in a PSPO you can be fined up to £80 if you let your dog have a number 2 and don’t clean it up so keep Poop Bags at the ready!

Better safe than sorry

We hope that wasn’t all too doom laden but we wanted to share it as sometimes we can forget that we’re responsible for our animals at all times and with the good and the bad that brings.

We follow 2 main rules:

  • If you have any doubt; there is no doubt: keep your dog on a lead.
  • Always carry Poop Bags at the ready!

Have a great day,